Form Processing & Database Management

ORBIT Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd., specializes Database Management Projects in processing of various types of forms and invoices. We offers form processing to various industries such as automotive, logistics, trading, medical clinics, hospitals and insurance companies in managing data related to billing. Also we provide database Management solutions for benefit processing done by insurance companies. Providers are freed up from pointing and clicking and can concentrate on what they do best with their revenue generation.

We strive to deliver:

  • 99.9% error-free documentation with in TAT.
  • Extremely Competitive rates.
  • Total accountability for quality of service and support. 



Our team can handle the projects within the TAT as required by the client.


We are scheduling the requirements according to the volume and TAT, so the files can be downloaded at any time either early in the morning or in the night shifts. Orbit Transcriptions guarantees that utmost confidentiality will be maintained with regard to the  information provided for processing. The files can be uploaded / downloaded from FTP server with firewall protection. File transfer can be done with 256-bit encryption.

File distribution:

Files are distributed by the workflow software (installed with copyright by responsible companies), and each file will be allotted to our process executives as per TAT priority.

Quality analysis:

Each and every file will be processed and passed through QA process so that all issues will be cleared in order to deliver a quality level of 99+ percentage. Periodical feedback and orientation is being given to our team members to improve the overall quality.


Support team and tech persons will be available 24 x 7.

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